Landscaper loses his leg in a wood chipper but is saved by co-workers

A landscaper resigned himself to death and attempted to enjoy his final moments while a wood chipper mauled his leg.

On November 16, a day before his 32nd birthday, James Blaney was manning a wood chipper in Massachusetts’ Yarmouth yard.

Suddenly his foot got trapped on a branch, which wound round his limb and sucked it into the machine.

He told Boston 25: "Essentially it became a zip tie on my leg.

"The options I had, do I go in the wood chipper head first or do I go in leg first. That was going through my mind.

"I was like, ‘If I was going to die I’m not going to die freaking out. I just want to die, I just want to enjoy the last few moments of my life and not think about what just happened’."

Luckily for Blaney, who previously overcame an opium addiction, those gruesome moments were not his last.

Two quick-thinking coworkers noticed the commotion and put the chipper in reverse.

Once he was out of the machine, coworker Nick Callahan used Blaney’s belt to fashion a tourniquet and control the bleeding.

He was taken to the emergency treatment room at Cape Cod Hospital where most of his leg was amputated.

‘He is the luckiest unlucky guy there is because he was in a horrible accident, was able to get in safety and friends who knew what to do,’ Dr. Larry Novak at the hospital told CBS Boston.

Blaney is expected to be transferred to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

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But the landscaper is just happy to still be alive.

He added: "I’m lucky to be alive.

"Not many people have an encounter with a wood chipper and live to talk about it.

"I have a good idea, the silver lining is there.

"I don’t know exactly what it is, but I have an idea it’s shaping right now."

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