Lethbridge-East candidates all set for upcoming provincial election

The political landscape in Lethbridge is broadening, as new candidates have announced their bid for the upcoming provincial election.

On Saturday night inside the royal Canadian legion, it was all smiles and hugs for newly elected UCP candidate Nathan Neudorf.

“It’s fantastic, honestly a little bit of relief. It’s been a long campaign, campaigning in winter is a lot of hard work, but it’s nice to finally reach this step and prepare for the next one,” Neudorf said.

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“Were more focused on what we can bring as government, it’s not about the NDP, it’s about the UCP, it’s about hope for the next step, about bringing back a strong economy, it’s about the Alberta advantage.”

Neudorf isn’t the only candidate running for the east. Alberta Liberal candidate Devon Hargreaves announced his candidacy not long ago, and is looking forward to facing his opponents.

“The Alberta Liberal party are not going to be getting into divisive politics, we’re looking for solutions, we’re going for action less words,” Hargreaves said.

“We’re looking at getting pipelines in place, we’re looking at increasing jobs, protecting the economy and representing Alberta as its meant to be represented.”

Both candidates will be running against current MLA Maria Fitzpatick, who is looking forward to keeping the riding NDP.

“I feel that it is going to be an interesting and hard fought election,” Fitzpatrick said.

It’s an election the incumbent is confident in maintaining, after having accomplished various community projects and initiative over the last four years.

“We’ve kept Alberta from absolutely falling into the pit of the recession, and particularly down here.”

The public can look forward to hearing more from these candidates in the coming months as they release their platforms and take part in local debates.

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