London, Ont. bylaw officers issue 4 tickets to people not abiding by COVID-19 closures

London’s chief bylaw officer is reporting that the majority of residents are abiding by the province’s physical distancing rules, but adds some are still not getting the message.

Over the long weekend and on Monday, bylaw enforcement officers were out in full swing, enforcing the closures related to COVID-19.

Chief Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officer Orest Katolyk said a total of four tickets were issued this weekend to people not abiding by the closures of skate parks, sports fields and playgrounds.

“What is greatly concerning to us is the entitled attitude of some of the adults lifting the caution tape in and around equipment allowing their kids to go under the tape and onto the equipment,” Katolyk said.

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“It’s teaching the kids that they are special and the rules don’t apply to them.”

Since last weekend when ticketing first started, London bylaw officers have issued 30 citations, with each carrying a minimum $880 fine set by the province.

Speaking to Global News, Dr. Mario Elia said recent numbers show that physical distancing is working.

The current number of patients in the ICU, Elia said, is lower than expected, but he adds that its because of the physical distancing measures put in place.

Elia warns that could change if people try to go back to things too quickly and that people should be wary after the long weekend as not everyone was likely to follow physical distancing.

As of Monday, 25 COVID-19 patients were being treated at London Health Sciences Centre facilities with 11 of those people in the ICU.

The Middlesex London Health unit reported a total of 234 cases as of Monday.

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