Loser Donald Trump rages after top political ally is filmed 'ignoring his call'

Donald Trump launched a furious tirade against a govenor who was previously one of his firmest allies after the politician was apparently filmed ignoring his call.

The President of the United States lashed out hours after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey took his ringing phone out of his pocket and set it face-down on a desk while certifying his state’s election result on Monday. That Joe Biden named as winner in a state Trump carried with ease in 2016.

Ducey had previously told reporters he’d given Trump and Vice President Mike Pence a personalized ‘Hail to the Chief’ ringtone so he could instantly identify their calls, with the same song heard ringing out as Ducey let the call go to voicemail.

Vice President Pence has made no mention of Arizona’s results since the election, but Trump has had plenty to say on the Grand Canyon State.

Another video filmed shortly afterwards appears to pick up the sound of Ducey’s silenced phone vibrating with a phone call on the desk he had set it on, although it is unclear whether that was also the president.

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