Moment Joe Biden embraces family as he finally wins the election

This is the moment Joe Biden embraced his family as they told him he had won the election after four long days of vote-counting. 

Biden’s grandchildren told him he had officially won the election when media called it at 11:25am on Saturday.

His daughter Naomi Biden tweeted a photograph of the moment the family celebrated as many Americans rejoiced all over the country. 

The new First Lady also tweeted a triumphant picture showing herself and her husband holding a sign that read: ‘Dr & Vice President Biden Live Here’ with a carefully placed hand over the word ‘vice’.

In Biden’s victory-speech in Wilmington, Delaware, he jogged on stage and urged the country to come together, addressing those who had voted for Trump directly, assuring them that he would be their president too and sympathising with their disappointment. 

He said: ‘Let’s give each other a chance and stop treating each other like enemies. 

‘We are not enemies. We are Americans. This is the time to heal.’

Donald Trump, who was told he had lost on a golf course, reacted to the presidential election almost six hours after the result was called with a Twitter thread maintaining that he had won. 

Trump tweeted: ‘I WON THE ELECTION’ and upheld his unfounded accusation of fraud saying: ‘BAD THINGS HAPPENED WHICH OUR OBSERVERS WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.’

Among other claims, Trump said observers from his campaign were not allowed into counting rooms, particularly in Pennsylvania which was the state to finish off Biden’s win. 

But no evidence has been presented for this claim despite the Trump campaign suing for more access to the counts and telling a federal judge that there were ‘a non-zero number’ of observers in the room.

Television networks and the Associated Press called Biden’s win after he passed 30,000 votes in Pennsylvania. 

In 2016, Barack Obama hosted Trump in the Oval Office two days after the election, as is tradition between outgoing and incoming presidents. 

But there have been no reports of plans for the Trump administration to do the same. However, there have been reports that Trump has given his team permission to begin looking into a transition of power.

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