No mercy for US dad who killed five children

A South Carolina father who killed his five children should be executed, a jury has agreed, ignoring a court plea for mercy from the victims’ mother.

Amber Kyzer said on Tuesday convicted murderer Tim Jones Jr, 37, “did not show my children mercy by any means, but my kids loved him”.

The sentence came after prosecutors argued that life in prison would be like sending “Timmy to his room”.

South Carolina has not executed an inmate since 2011.

Thursday’s unanimous decision was reached by the same jury that convicted Jones of the August 2014 slaying of the five children, aged one to eight.

Had the Lexington County panel of seven men and five women been unable to reach a unanimous decision, Jones would have been sentenced to life in prison.

The jurors agreed his fate after about two hours of deliberation on the 21st day of the trial.

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