Over 50 people form human chain trying to save girl, 6, who drowned in a lake


At least 50 people formed a human chain to try and save a six-year-old girl who died after drowning in a Michigan lake over Memorial Day weekend.

The young girl was swimming in Kent Lake at Martindale Beach around 5.30pm Monday when the incident occurred, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Over the speaker officials made pleas for help locating various children throughout the day. All children were located except the Detroit girl.

When police couldn’t find the girl, beach goers sprung into action and began checking the water. At least 50 strangers came together, holding hands, to search through the shore for the missing child.

One witness, Emylea Darrah, recounted how about 50 people formed a human chain in order to try and rescue the child from the water. Linked together, the group of 50 walked through the water trying to locate the young girl.

While they did find her, she had been under the water too long to be resuscitated.

‘A lot of cops started showing up, a dive team showed up, they had a police drone up there and then they had maybe, like, 50 or so people form a human chain,’ Darrah told Click On Detroit.

‘They all linked arm in arm and they were walking through the beach where they thought that she might have been over by. I was pretty impressed by how many people were willing to go, make this human chain to walk through the water to try and find this little girl,’ Darrah said.

The girl was eventually found in a weeded area near the shore. She was then taken to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead, according to Kensington Metro Police. She had been at the beach with her mother, who was escorted to the hospital.

The incident is being investigated by local authorities.

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