Playboy Playmate ‘tied up with dog lead and held at gunpoint in terrifying raid’

A Playboy Playmate was tied up with a dog lead and held at gunpoint during a terrifying raid on her Hollywood home, it is claimed.

Three masked men were ransacking Lauryn Elaine's house when the model returned just before midnight on Wednesday.

Ms Elaine found the door smashed in and went inside to find two men coming out of her bedroom and a third man coming out of her brother's room, it was reported.

One pointed a gun at her and demanded that she open a safe before she was tied up and robbed of $30,000 (£23,500) in cash and her purse.

The men bound Ms Elaine's hands and feet together with the dog lead and tied her to a chest of drawers, TMZ reported.

The raiders continued to ransack her home as she sat on the floor.

After they fled with the cash and belongings, Ms Elaine was able to free herself and run outside to find help, it is claimed.

Footage obtained by TMZ shows the Playmate's home a complete mess, with overturned furniture, a smashed mirror on a door and items scattered all over the floor.

What appears to be an open safe is on the floor.

Jagged pieces of wood are on the floor at the front door.

In the video, Ms Elaine takes viewers on a tour of her ransacked home, pointing out where she was allegedly tied up and where the burglars were looking for cash and expensive things to steal.

The Playboy cover model, who has tried to launch a singing career, says: "So, this is where they tied me up with my dog leash and made me sit on the floor, tied my hands and my f***ing feet together."

With a deep sigh, she turns to enter her bedroom, saying: "And then they smashed my door, breaking in.

"Ransacked this area. Ransacked my bed, my closet, all of the clothes.

"And they broke the (front) door down."

Police are looking for CCTV or dashcam video from the area to help them identify the suspects, TMZ reported.

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