Police officer jailed for making homeless man lick public urinal

A former police officer was jailed for forcing a homeless man to lick a public urinal.

John Rabago, a former police officer in Honolulu, Hawaii, was sentenced to four years in jail on Wednesday for making Samuel Ingall, a 37 year old homeless man, lick the toilet in January 2018 while responding to a trespassing complaint at a public restroom.

The sentence was handed down after Rabago pleaded last year to conspiracy and deprivation of rights, according to his plea agreement.

‘You took from him his only possession: his dignity as a human being,’ US District Judge Leslie Kobayashi told Rabago at his sentencing hearing.

Kobayashi told Rabago that he took an oath as a police officer to protect and serve, but instead he took advantage of Ingall. The judge also asked the ex-cop to imagine if the same thing had been done to his daughters.


According to court documents, Rabago responded to a nuisance complaint in a public bathroom where he found Ingall. A short time later, officer Reginald Ramones joined Rabago at the scene.

While Ramones stood by the bathroom doorway, Rabago told Ingall that the only way he could avoid arrest was if he licked the urinal in the bathroom. While he threatened Ingalls, Rabago told Ramones to close the door, which he did, according to the plea agreement.

Rabago then told Ingalls to lick the toilet again and he reluctantly did. He then let Ingalls leave the bathroom and laughed about the encounter, according to the Honolulu Civil Beat.

Earlier this year, Ingalls filed a civil lawsuit against both officers and the city, accusing Rabago and Ramones of negligence causing emotional distress, false imprisonment, unlawful seizure, assault and battery and other offenses.

The civil suit has not yet been settled.

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