Price relief at the pumps in Metro Vancouver

Gasoline prices are on the way down in Metro Vancouver Monday morning.

Dan McTeague of says it all stems from refineries in the Pacific Northwest recovering from last month’s disruption.

“It has everything to do with the fact at wholesale prices for gasoline caused by that explosion of the natural gas pipeline over a month ago, have dropped 17-cents a litre since that time,” McTeague said. “Prices have dropped dramatically as a result of things getting back to normal, refineries being able to push out gasoline in volumes that we haven’t seen, certainly going back to [where they were around] February of last year.”

McTeague says the refineries are now producing gasoline at their normal levels.

That’s why prices are down 5.5 cents a litre in the past week, and McTeague thinks they could fall another one to two cents this week on the Lower Mainland and Victoria.

Some pump are as low as $1.39.9 across Vancouver, while in Toronto on Monday prices are at $1.10 a litre.

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