Raj Grewal no longer a member of Liberal caucus: chief whip Mark Holland

Following Liberal MP Raj Grewal reversing his pledge to resign, MP Mark Holland from the Ajax-Durham region tweeted that Grewal is no longer a member of the Liberal caucus.

“I confirmed, in writing, earlier this morning to the Speaker of the House of Commons that Raj Grewal, MP for Brampton East, is not a member of the Liberal Caucus,” Holland’s tweet read.

While this suggests that Grewal will remain in his post as an independent, Global News has reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for confirmation.

Grewal announced his plans to resign due to “personal and medical reasons” in a post on his Facebook page on Nov. 22. The Prime Minister’s Office later confirmed, referring to “gambling problems” as a factor in his resignation.

Holland previously commented on Grewal’s resignation when questions arose about whether the Brampton East official’s gambling addiction had anything to do with his removal from a role on the finance committee on Sept. 19, two months prior to the resignation announcement.

“I can confirm his movement had zero to do with the problems before us,” said Holland, the government-whip, who is in charge of membership on committees and handled Grewal’s move off the finance committee and onto the health committee.

“Absolutely not.”

NDP MP Peter Julian, one of the vice-chairs of the finance committee, told Global News prior to Holland’s comments that he believed the Liberals must have known about Grewal’s gambling problem when they moved him off the committee.

“Obviously, Liberals knew months ago,” he said. “They wouldn’t have moved him off without knowing this.”

Shortly after pledging to resign, however, Grewal sent an additional video to the Globe and Mail retracting that statement and calling it “ill-advised.” He added that the job he was elected to do as MP for Brampton East remains unfinished.

He said at the time that he would make his final decision after Parliament resumes in the new year, though this is now unclear.

–With files from Amanda Connolly. 

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