Regina cleaning services experience spike in demand due to coronavirus

There’s been an increase in demand for COVID-19 cleaning in Regina, Sask., especially for preventative reasons. But what goes into a deep clean after a presumptive or confirmed case?

Kyle Jacques, the owner of a local cleaning business, says the process is thorough and involves deep cleaning from the ceiling down.

They clean the walls, light switches, door handles, doorknobs, the doors themselves and the door jams.

Also, anything that people might lean against or touch, including desks and all surfaces in the area, is cleaned.

Jacques said cleaning for a confirmed case differs from the regular or precautionary cleaning because of the agents that are used.

“We are applying a disinfectant with a broad spectrum of virucide, and we apply them in different methods depending on what the situation is or what we are cleaning. With those chemicals we need to ensure the dual time to get a proper kill rate” said Jacques, who owns Winmar in Regina.

Jacques added that although the cleaning agents are available locally, there are some new chemicals developed specifically for the virus that his company uses as well.

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“The biggest thing is that the disinfectant has to have a wide spectrum of virucide and a registered VIN number in order to qualify,” Jacques said.

Opening for business after COVID-19  clean

Winmar Restoration handled the MacDonald’s deep clean in Regina after an employee tested positive for the new coronavirus on April 14.

The company said after a deep clean, such facilities can reopen for business the following day, and customers have nothing to worry about.

However, it recommends they remain closed for the day to let the chemicals do their job and air out the building.

That way there’s not a high chemical smell or any irritant in the air left when employees come back to work.

“We do a thorough cleaning on the surfaces that are there, not only once, twice but sometimes a third time just to make sure that we are getting coverage, to make sure nothing is missed. It is great detail that we go into with cleaning things and there’s not much of a concern,” Jacques said.

Workers safety during a COVID-19 clean

Winmar has done a few jobs for confirmed cases like McDonald’s in the Harbour Landing area of the city but says there’s been a higher volume in demand for preventative cleaning.

Either way, there are strict safety protocols to protect the cleaning staff.

“All the guys are always suited up in complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have a procedure for putting on and taking off the PPE as we go in and out of the buildings throughout these locations,” Jacques said.

A lot of businesses are also going above and beyond in doing their due diligence and cleaning up themselves, daily, to protect their employees and customers.

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