Royal Vale holds dance to remember former student

Members of the Montreal Alouettes were special guests at Royal Vale school Wednesday morning for an event at the school.

The event paid tribute to Alex Porter-Rozmovits, a former kindergarten student who went to the school nine years ago.


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“We’re completely honoured that they do this for us every single year,” says his mother, Roberta Porter.

In 2009 he contracted a dangerous strep A infection which was misdiagnosed as a cold.

“We took all precautions,” recalled his father Peter Rozmovtis. “We took him to the doctor, we took him to the hospital several times.”

Three days later, he was dead.  “He was just six years old.”

Teachers decided that the dance was the ideal way to honour him.

“We discovered in him a passion, which was dancing,” explains his former teacher Yasmine Joseph.

The child’s father laughs and says Alex had a secret he didn’t share with his teachers.

“The funny thing is is that he really didn’t like to dance!”

He says his son had a sense of humour and was mischievous, and gave the impression that he liked dancing.

But he was very active, and loved sports, which is why the dance happens in the gym. His father hopes it’ll become a permanent fundraiser.

“Maybe we’ll fundraise for some extra sports equipment that the school needs,” he says.

The current students never met Alex, but teachers say the kids associate the event with his sister, and that the event does help her and the family to cope.

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