School bullies attack smaller boy in 'Free Hugs' hoodie and break his glasses

Disturbing video footage captured the moment two school bullies attacked a much smaller child wearing a ‘Free Hugs’ hoodie and broke his glasses. The clip, shot at Skyridge High School in Lehi, Utah, shows one bully approach the victim, who is standing on a skateboard outside the school building.

Moments later, a second bully sucker punches the boy from the side, sending his glasses flying from his head. The first bully then smacks the victim too, sending him staggering into a brick wall, while also shouting abuse, slapping him once more, and walking off.

The bullies and their victim’s face have all been blurred because of their ages.

Parents reacted with fury when the video, which was filmed on October 23, was uploaded to Instagram, complete with laughing emojis. One person who commented on the clip online branded it ‘sickening’, while another called it ‘disgusting.’

Hannah Monson, a junior at Skyridge High, said: ‘It just makes me feel gross that somebody would post that online like as a joke. It’s just so sad.’

Monson’s boyfriend’s mother Sandee Smith was also appalled by the clip, telling ABC4: ‘Why on Earth? Oh that just makes me just sick to my stomach…It’s just horrifying.

‘There’s just no excuse for it. I can’t imagine that kids would treat one another that way. So I feel sick about it.’

After the video appeared online, some locals claimed the bullies had been punished with a one day suspension.

School principal Dr Joel Perkins sent out letter implying the punishment was more severe, but refused to comment on exactly how the bullies were disciplined.

He also refuted claims the boy who was bullied has special needs.

Dr Perkins added: ‘My heart hurts when I watch this video. Violence in any form is completely unacceptable. We must do better.’

Lehi Police Department were also called to investigate the clip. They said that action was taken against the bullies, and that the case has now been closed.

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