Sheets of ice are falling from Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Park tower

A Montrealer was quick to take out his phone to film as sheets of ice started tumbling from the tower of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Park on Monday.

Julien Bauby, who captured the video, told Global News “[it] was just funny to film, nothing was dangerous.”


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The ice breaks apart as it falls; Cédric Essiminy, spokesperson for the Olympic Stadium Park, insists it doesn’t pose a threat to passersby.

“There’s a slope. It doesn’t get all the speed. It just catches the wind and it breaks apart and since there is a roof, everybody is protected,” he said.

“It’s really far from the pedestrians and the people who walk by. There’s no problem.”

Essiminy points out the tower has been there for over 30 years.

“It’s something that happens when there is ice that accumulates on the windows,” he told Global News.

“We’ve never had any problem whatsoever regarding this and there’s a kind of roof protecting people from falling ice, which is the big difference between this and let’s say, a normal skyscraper.”

This comes as Montreal is experiencing erratic winter weather, with temperatures rising to over freezing before quickly plummeting down to the minus 20s.

Wednesday, Environment Canada issued yet another weather warning — this time, a freezing drizzle advisory.

The slippery conditions are expected to begin in the evening and persist for much of Thursday.

“Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery,” the public weather agency stated.

Freezing drizzle advisories are issued when drizzle falling in sub-zero temperatures is expected to freeze on contact, and over time create icy surfaces.

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