Sisters shave heads at Hudson cancer fundraiser in honour of friend

Saturday wasn’t the first time Grace Placier and her little sister Lucette had gone to the Hudson Fire Department’s Shave 2 Save event.

“We found it’s, like, a good idea,” says Grace, as her sister nods in agreement.

The department has been holding the event for six years, and it’s a way to raise money for research for all cancers.


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“As firefighters, we have a higher risk of dying of cancer than a normal profession,” explains Lt. Fraser McBain, one of the firefighters.  “So it’s something that hits home.”

This year, 12-year old Grace and her nine-year-old sister, Lucette, decided to not just attend, but also to participate.  The two are doing so in honour of their friend, Alexia, who’s sick.

Some years ago they discovered Alexia had leukemia.

“I’m not sure when she was diagnosed, but she was very little,” Grace said. “Small, small, small,” Lucette added.

Alexia is now in remission, but the sisters saw how hard it was for her.  One thing that struck them was that the treatment caused her hair to fall out.  So they wanted to do something in solidarity with their friend, and three weeks ago, they told her of an idea they had.

“We just told her, like, we were raising money for cancer and that she really inspired us,” Grace explained.

To raise the money, they decided to get their heads shaved at the event — and their parents couldn’t believe it.

“I’m just so proud,” their mother, Marcella Placier, weeped as she watched her two daughters getting their heads shaved.

“I’m overwhelmed, to be honest with you.”

The idea of being bald doesn’t concern the girls.  In fact, Grace sees advantages.

“I find it’s going to be easier to play sports, because I play soccer and I won’t have to tie up my hair and it won’t be in my face when I’m playing,” she smiled.

They admit that some people might think it strange that they chose to do this.

“We don’t care,” Grace said.  “We don’t really care because it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside.”

“Yeah, that’s what counts,” Lucette added.

The fire department wants to raise $25,000 this year, and so far, the sisters have managed to raise more than $1,000.  They haven’t set a target, but they want to continue to see how far they can get.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Marcella said.  “Inside and out.”

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