Starbucks worker wrote 'Isis' on side of Muslim teenager's cup

A Muslim teenager hit out after a Starbucks worker wrote ‘Isis’ on her cup. The 19 year-old, named only as Aishah, was handed the cold drink bearing the name of the Islamist terror group at a Starbucks inside a Target store in St Paul, Minnesota, last week.

Speaking at a press conference Monday, Aishah told of how she’d twice given her name to the server for clarity, and added: ‘The word that was written on the drink is a word that shatters the Muslim reputation all around the world.’

Aishah, who is being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said she was wearing a hijab (head covering) at the time, which clearly identified her as a Muslim woman.

She said that on confronting the worker, they said ‘they had not heard her name correctly.’ And when Aishah then asked to speak to the manager, she claims the worker accused her of overreacting, reportedly telling her: ‘What’s the issue? People get their names wrong all the time.’

She was sent away with a free drink and $25 gift card, but has demanded that the barista and their manager be fired over the way she was treated. CAIR spokesman Jaylani Hussein told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press: ‘Unfortunately, with Islamophobia, the number one thing Muslims are … discriminatorily identified (as) is terrorists.

‘…Using this word for us would be the same as a black man today being … (called) the N-word.’

Starbucks said the worker who wrote Isis on Aishah’s cup was employed by Target. A Target spokesman said the incident was the result of an ‘unfortunate mistake’ and that the employee involved would undergo training to avoid a repeat.

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