Swimmer fatally savaged by tiger shark 150 yards from shore at surfing paradise

A 65-year-old swimmer died after being attacked by a shark in a Pacific Ocean surfing paradise.

The Californian man was bitten just 150 yards from shore on the island of Maui, part of the US state of Hawaii.

Experts believe a deadly tiger shark might have responsible.

It is the first such fatality in the US state of Hawaii in four years.

Chief Jason Redulla of Hawaii’s  Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement said: “He apparently came into contact with a shark, [and] was seen in distress by witnesses who called 911.”

The victim, was found unresponsive in the water and brought to shore on a jet ski.

CPR was performed, but the man, who hasn’t been named yet, was pronounced dead.

The incident is the sixth shark attack in Hawaii this year – double the number of incidents throughout last year.

“In an island state that’s surrounded by water, human and shark conflicts do occur,” Mr Redulla said.

“There is always the potential for conflict between animal and human, and we just have to be aware of that and respect that.”

The most recent attack was a woman bit off the coast of Oahu on May 8.

She suffered injuries to her arm and hand while swimming.

In 2015, snorkeller Margaret Cruse was killed by a shark off Maui after becoming separated from friends.

Hers was the third fatal shark attack in Maui waters since 2013.

Tiger sharks, like larger great whites, are ferocious predators and one of the sharks most prone to attack humans.

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