This Is How the Outbreak Is Resurging Across New York City

The positive test rates have gone up in the city in the last month, leading to what many experts say is a second wave.

By Joseph Goldstein

At first, New York officials tracked the resurgence of the coronavirus to a few neighborhoods in the city with large populations of Orthodox Jewish residents.

Then, those hot spots began to expand, leading to restrictions. But now, the coronavirus is spreading through the entire city, with cases surging in beachfront communities in Staten Island and corners of the Bronx, and seeding new outbreaks in parts of Queens that were among the hardest hit areas during the peak of the virus in the spring.

The number of new cases has climbed to the point where officials are struggling to untangle chains of transmission and make sense of how the virus is spreading. Now they are facing the reality that they are dealing with a surge that will linger for weeks, if not months.

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