Trump supporter grabs his crotch and brands 'boy' pimply' in face mask fight

A Donald Trump supporter grabbed his crotch before calling a boy said to be 16 ‘pimply’ in a fight over face masks.

The video, initially posted to Reddit on Sunday, shows a man shouting profanities in the middle of a store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

‘Go vote for Biden and suck right here,’ the man says, while aggressively grabbing his crotch as he walked out the door.

The person filming had previously asked in the video, ‘You’re gonna get arrested for this?’

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‘Arrested for what,’ the Trump supporter replied. ‘Just like a pimple on the left. Somebody says something and you don’t like it. Is that what it is?’

The video starts with the man coming close to the camera, while the person filming says, ‘Why you coming up to me?’

‘Fuck you where you breathe,’ the man says. ‘Don’t tell me what the fuck to do, how’s that pal? Use your fucking head if you know how, you little pimply little shit.’

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