'Ungodly scream' rang out as woman was crushed to death in elevator accident

A shaken apartment building resident says an ‘ungodly scream’ rang out as one of his neighbors was crushed to death in a horrific elevator accident. The unidentified victim, who was in her 30s, died in the building in Boston on Monday evening while trying to load a package onto the elevator.

A female neighbor who did not wish to be named told Boston25: ‘I heard just an ungodly scream and we ran into the hallway and saw a gentlemen who was in distress screaming and hyperventilating and saying she’s dead, she’s dead.’

Leanne Scorzonni, who also lives in the building, told WHDH: ‘I heard probably one of the worst screams I have ever heard in my life. I heard the gentleman screaming and hyperventilating saying, “She’s dead, she’s dead.”

‘The ceiling of the car was right at my level, which is the first floor, below us is the basement, so the car had gone all the way down or at least halfway down because I couldn’t see her at all. Just the cab.’

One neighbor who witnessed the horror suffered a panic attack, and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Fellow resident Eric Carmichael says his wife heard the dying woman’s cries for help. He said: ‘She heard a woman in distress and tried to help her out as a neighbor.’

The exact circumstances of how the woman died are still unclear, but Carmichael offered some information on the moments leading up to the accident, saying: ‘The lady was trying to put a package into the elevator, like that’s how we do it.’

She is said to have been too gravely injured to receive medical assistance.

Afterwards, the elevator involved in the fatal accident was struck between the building’s first floor and basement.

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