US election 2020: Biden team ‘elated’ at battleground breakthroughs – but Trump staff say election not over yet

Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump by the smallest of margins in two key battleground states, as the race for the White House goes down to the wire.

The Democrat candidate jumped into first place in Republican-held Georgia and Pennsylvania, meaning if he can stay out in front he will clinch the US presidency.

Counting is still underway, with the results due to be updated throughout the day by election administrators.

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Sky News understands Mr Biden’s campaign are “thrilled” at the latest development, with campaign staff said to be “elated” and “confident”.

But Mr Trump’s team are insisting “this election is not over”.

They vowed to challenge the Georgia result because they are “confident we will find ballots improperly harvested” – though cited no evidence – and claimed there are “many irregularities” in the Pennsylvania count.

Despite their attempts to delay a result, it looks like a nail-biting finish is in sight as the race to get to 270 Electoral College votes enters its final stretch.

Mr Biden is on 253 – and if he picks up 20 more with highly-prized Pennsylvania, he will win the White House and make Mr Trump the first one-term president since George HW Bush.

Even without the Rust Belt jewel, Mr Biden would still get over the line with two of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina.

In Georgia, a recount will get underway due to the race being so tight.

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