US election 2020 live – follow the latest Trump and Biden updates

The results of the US election continue to come in after the country cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s niece Mary has warned of ‘dangerous’ months ahead, claiming the ‘desperate’ president is ‘planning a coup’ is he loses the election.

The news comes as at least seven major TV networks cut off Donald Trump during an extraordinary White House address in which he called the entire presidential race into question and claimed it was rigged from the start.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is currently leading the polls with 264 electoral votes. He has taken the lead in Pennsylvania – but only by a small margin, so it is still anyone’s game.

This year’s election is excruciatingly close, with Georgia announcing last night that it will do a recount as there were only 1,000 votes between the two candidates.

Follow our rolling coverage of the event as it happens:

  • Glimmer of hope for Donald Trump as he closes in on Arizona
  • Donald Trump condemns election ‘meddling’ – then says he’ll meddle with the result
  • Joe Biden’s security ramped up by Secret Service as he looks set to win the election
  • Joe Biden doubles Pennsylvania election lead over Donald Trump

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