US election results: Donald Trump says he’s ‘just beginning’ as he sticks to script with no sign of conceding

President Donald Trump has reiterated his claims of fraud and has called into question the “stolen election” as a whole.

Saying that his team is “just beginning the tabulation stage”, he alleged they have seen “a number of affidavits that there has been voter fraud”.

Mr Trump has repeatedly made the claims over recent days but has yet to give any proof of such fraud.

In a series of angry tweets, he wrote: “If there’s a problem in the system about authentication, that would seriously affect the ENTIRE ELECTION.”

He added: “We believe these people are thieves. The big city machines are corrupt. This was a stolen election. Best pollster in Britain wrote this morning that this clearly was a stolen election, that it’s impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states.”

It is a US convention that once a presidential candidate secures 270 or more electoral college votes and wins the keys to the White House, the losing candidate makes a concession speech and congratulates their opponent.

Mr Trump is showing no signs of admitting defeat and there are reports, not confirmed by Sky News, that his son-in-law Jared Kushner has advised him to quit.

However, there are many people in his inner circle egging him on, including his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

The former New York mayor has vowed to provide Mr Trump with evidence of voter fraud but has yet to produce any – including during a press conference he held on Saturday in the car park of a small Philadelphia landscaping company.

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