Vic Fedeli serves Patrick Brown libel notice over tell-all book

TORONTO – Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli is taking legal action against the former Progressive Conservative leader over allegations contained in a recent tell-all book.

Patrick Brown resigned as party leader last year amid allegations of sexual misconduct that he denies and later published a book portraying himself as a victim of a conspiracy led by senior Tory officials.

The book also made allegations against several key members of the Progressive Conservative government, including Fedeli, whom Brown says faced allegations of sexual misconduct when he was party leader.

Fedeli has called the allegations “categorically false and without any merit” and has now served Brown and his publisher with a libel notice.

Brown’s publisher, Dean Baxendale, says Fedeli’s lawyers have asked for a full retraction, which would gut the entire book.

Baxendale says he has briefly responded to the lawyers but is planning a more extensive response.

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