Waitress given $5,000 tip by wealthy customer says she's giving it away

A waitress who was given a $5,000 tip by a wealthy customer has vowed to share her fortune with her local community. Student Gianna DiAngelo, 18, said she was ‘stunned’ when a mystery diner wearing festive fancy dress left her the sensational tip after spending only $204.94 on food and drink.

Gianna, from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, was working her shift at Anthony’s At Paxon on Saturday when man, who was part of a table of four, surprised her with the ‘once in a lifetime’ moment at the end of the night.

Gianna said it’s the ‘best thing’ that’s ever happened to her and has promised to share the $5,000 with not only her colleagues, but local charities who need it most this Christmas.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, nursing student, Gianna, said: ‘I didn’t recognize them, they just looked like regular customers who ordered regular things off the menu.

‘But then towards the end of the night one of the guy’s pulled me aside and said what sort of tip would make everything better for you with the pandemic going. I was just polite and said I am happy to receive any sort of tip.

‘Then as I went to sort the bill out I saw the tip and I was just completely speechless, I could not believe it.

‘I ran back out there to thank him and tell him it means the world to me. I told him it’s a sign of hope at a time like this and said that it means more than money to me.

‘I plan to put the money to good use. I’ll split it with co-workers as well as the local community. It’s an amazing gift and an amazing act of kindness.’

Gianna, who has worked at Anthony’s for three years, said the customer who left the tip is unknown to all of the staff and has remained anonymous ever since. The man was part of a group of four who were all dressed in Christmas jumpers and hats.

The generosity of the customer came as Italian restaurant, Anthony’s, was due to close the following day due to concern over rising coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf has ordered all bars and restaurants to shut as daily cases soar past the 10,000-a-day mark, the state’s worst case rate since the pandemic began in March.

Whilst Gianna has pledged to share her $5,000 with her co-workers who may be without work for some time, she said if she has any money left over she will put it towards her college fees.

‘It is the best thing that ever happened to me’, said Gianna.

‘It’s a blessing for us as a small business who is struggling during the pandemic. It shows that there is still some good left in the community.

‘This has given us hope that we will get through this terrible time and everything will be ok.

‘It’s a once in a lifetime experience and I will forever be thankful.’

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