Waterloo Public Health Valentine’s Day cards deliver humorous messages of love and healthy living

If you missed the opportunity to grab a card for that special someone in your life, Region of Waterloo Public Health has solved the problem for you.

The agency released a series of Valentine’s Day cards on Twitter Thursday morning with messages that will educate and (hopefully) put a smile on a loved one’s face.

The first of the 10 message’s reads “I want to hold you hand…

“But only after you’ve washed your hands often and thoroughly during the day, used warm water with soap, lathered and scrubbed for at least 15 seconds, rinsed under warm water, and dried using a clean towel.”

A spokesperson for ROW Public Health told Global News that the agency usually tries to tie in messages with Valentine’s Day but this is the first time they have released the cards.

“We are always looking at new and different ways to get public health info out to our followers,” Ryan Spitieri said.

Each card also has a link to a different tip for healthy living.

The second card reads, “I’m bananas for you…

“but I still make sure to eat a variety of other nutritious foods throughout the day.”

It then provides a link to  ROW Public Health’s web page on Health Eating where you can find tips on how to have a balanced diet.

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