‘We stopped the tax:’ Tory MPPs sing ‘Monster Mash’ parody over cancellation of cap-and-trade

Progressive Conservative MPPs marked the end of Ontario’s cap-and-trade program by breaking into song on Halloween.

In the legislature on Wednesday, Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff led members of caucus in a parody of the 1962 song “Monster Mash.”

Oosterhoff’s version of the song told of how Premier Doug Ford scrapped the cap-and-trade carbon pricing system set up by the Liberals to “take from your stash.”

The song argued that cap-and-trade was a cash grab that drove up the price of gas. Legislation to repeal it was passed on Wednesday.

“We stopped the tax,” MPPs sang in the tune of the song.

“We stopped the carbon tax,” Oosterhoff replied.

The cancellation of the program was one of Ford’s campaign promises in the lead-up to the June election, which saw the PCs unseat the Liberals to form a 76-seat majority.

The plan introduced a cap on industrial carbon emissions, and made companies that produce additional greenhouse gases purchase extra capacity.

A report from the Financial Accountability Office found that ending the program would amount to a revenue loss of $3 billion over four years.

Ford is also fighting the federal government on a carbon tax for provinces that have not instituted their own carbon pricing plan.

Oosterhoff, Ontario’s youngest-ever MPP, was elected in a 2016 byelection — when he was 19.

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