What does Jill Biden work as?

Dr Jill Biden is set to become the new First Lady of the United States today – taking over the role from Melania Trump.

Dr Biden was a vocal supporter of her husband, Joe Biden, throughout his entire presidential campaign.

She attended many of his rallies, and even made her own impassioned speeches to inspire the nation to vote for him.

Dr Biden has had a very successful career of her own – but what is her job?

What is Jill Biden’s job?

Dr Jill Biden is an educator, having gained a Doctor of Education doctoral degree from the University of Delaware in 2007, complimenting a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees.

She has been teaching since the 1970s, having worked at high schools, community colleges and a psychiatric hospital for adolescents.

While serving two terms as Second Lady of the United States, Dr Biden promoted community colleges, advocated for military families and raised awareness about breast cancer prevention.

She also launched the Joining Forces initiative with First Lady Michelle Obama, which included helping military veterans and their families access education programmes and employment resources.

In 2012, Dr Biden published a children’s book called Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops based on her granddaughter’s experience of being in a military family.

Will Jill Biden keep her job when she becomes First Lady?

Dr Biden taught English at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) throughout both of her terms as Second Lady of the United States and is believed to be the first Second Lady to hold a job while in the role.

She has confirmed that she will continue working as an English Professor even when she becomes First Lady.

This will make Dr Biden the first-ever First Lady to work a full time job.

When asked in August during a CBS interview about her plans if her husband were to win the presidential election, Dr Biden responded: ‘Oh, yes, I will continue teaching. I’m a teacher. That’s who I am.’

As well as teaching, she will be fulfilling the role of First Lady, which includes presidential advising and communications.

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