Woman calls police to moan after shop refused to let her in with no mask

A woman called 911 after a worker refused to let her into a shop because she wouldn’t wear a mask.

The employee, Aidan Bearpaw, refused service to the woman on Wednesday in Palm Springs, California while working at a pet shop called Bones-N-Scones.

The woman said in the video, ‘I won’t wear a mask, because I can’t. It’s technically discriminating.’

She claimed that it would be fine because there was no one else in the store except for her.

‘There is me in the store,’ Bearpaw said.

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‘So you stand 7,000 feet away from me,’ the woman said. ‘I’m actually the one with the rights.’

The woman then proceeded to call the police and claimed that Bearpaw was violating her freedom by not letting her into the store.

The dispatcher replied that there ‘currently is a municipal code that is in effect,’ with Palm Springs enacting a law forcing locals to wear masks in public places.

Bearpaw told KESQ that he tried giving her a disposable mask, but she didn’t want to wear it.

‘It was definitely really anxiety inducing, but it worked out in the sense that I was able to keep myself safe,’ he said.

The consulting general manager of the store, Jay Smith said that Aidan was ‘a shining example of doing what’s right.’

‘Aidan won for us,’ Smith smith said. ‘He didn’t just win for Bone-N-Scones. He won for the city of Palm Springs, for the United States and for humanity in general.’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing a mask in public and social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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