Woman survives six days in Arizona desert after car lands on tree

The woman, who has not been publicly named, crashed near the town of Wickenburg, about an hour’s drive northwest of Phoenix earlier this month.

She had lost control of her car while driving on the US60 and gone through a fence before dropping 50ft and landing in a tree.

The 53-year-old had stayed in the car for several days before trying to walk towards railway tracks seeking help, but she was too weak to reach them.

She was found after two state transportation workers and a rancher were moving a cow along the highway.

They spotted the gap in the fence and then found the car in the tree.

A trooper from the state’s Department of Public Safety was called but he found the car was empty.

The group followed footprints to a riverbed where they found the woman severely dehydrated and with serious injuries.

She was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for the DPS said the woman is not speaking to reporters and there were no updates on her condition.

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