Work on lights angers Parc commuters during morning rush

Patrizia Di Cori needs to drive south from Little Italy on a regular basis — she works in the restaurant industry and has to make regular deliveries. But recent changes to Avenue du Parc have stymied several attempts to drive south toward downtown.

“It’s impossible,” she said. “They’ve now closed the middle lane. Sometimes it backs up to Jean-Talon,” Di Cori said.

Parc has five lanes — the direction of its middle lane is controlled by a series of traffic lights. The lights need to be replaced with newer LEDs. As of Nov. 8 those lanes head north.

City spokesperson Philippe Sabourin told Global News that during the time the lights are being changed out, it isn’t safe to have them change direction because it could cause a head-on collision.

“Plan your move,” he advised southbound morning commuters.

Three lanes of Parc are available for afternoon commuters since the lights currently don’t change. The work is slated to finish by the end of the year.

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