Zoo-goers shocked as polar bear eats live duck that lands in its enclosure

Zoo visitors were left stunned when a polar bear hunted down a duck and ate it after it landed in his enclosure.

The moment was captured by visitors on their mobile phones with footage showing a duck sitting on the water inside a polar bear enclosure before the beast strikes.

The unsuspecting duck lands on the pool not realising the danger and seconds later, a polar bear surfaces from the water and pounces on the duck from behind.

Visitors at the San Diego Zoo gasped as the polar bear trapped it in its jaw.

Some young children shrieked as they saw the bear eating the duck whole.

One woman can be heard laughing as she speaks in the video: "He got him. That thing didn't make it. The duck didn't make it.

"Eat it mama. That was cool. He's loving it and chewing on it."

The polar bear held its prey in its arms for a while before wading into the water and enjoying the meal.

Amy McBride told NBC San Diego that her three-year-old daughter didn't like the polar bear after the unexpected attack.

She said her daughter yelled: "He ate the ducky!"

Wild polar bears typically eat ringed seal while captive polar bears are fed fish and dog kibble, with the occasional addition of cow femur bones and rabbits, according to the San Diego Zoo website.

It also said polar bears can swim more than 60 miles without rest in search of food.

According to the IUCN Red List, polar bears are considered vulnerable with a decreasing population.

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