‘Big Screaming Headlines’

Coronavirus cases have risen in major cities. Hospitalizations have not.

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By David Leonhardt

A couple of weeks ago, the news was full of stories about high-profile people contracting Covid-19. The list included Attorney General Merrick Garland, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, other members of Congress (like Joaquin Castro, Susan Collins, Adam Schiff and Raphael Warnock), New York Mayor Eric Adams and several Broadway stars (like Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Daniel Craig).

Some of these infected celebrities were not exactly young. Collins and Garland are both 69. Pelosi is 82.

So far, however, none of their cases appears to be severe. As David Weigel, a Washington Post reporter, noted yesterday:

These anecdotes are part of a trend. In several places where the number of cases has risen in recent weeks, hospitalizations have stayed flat. (In past Covid waves, by contrast, hospitalizations began rising about a week after cases did.)

Consider New York:

Trends in New York City

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