Bill Kelly: Where’s the fairness for airline customers?

The airline industry wants us to know that it’s been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

No argument there, but that doesn’t give companies licence to ride roughshod over customers and employees, which, in the minds of many people, is exactly what they’re trying to do.

Cancelled flights mean massive layoffs, but there are rules in place when that happens, and some airlines don’t want to play by those rules.

WestJet is asking for an exemption from the 16-week notification period for layoffs, and how is that fair to those targeted employees?

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Customers are getting the runaround, too.

Passengers on cancelled flights are being given credits for future flights, but they are not getting their money back.

Thousands have signed a petition pleading with the feds to resolve this, but so far, nothing.

We know that the airlines are going to be banging on the government’s door shortly looking for bailout money.

It was just a few months ago that the government was touting a passenger bill of rights for the airline industry.

Not one thin dime to any airline until they comply with those rules and give those people their money back!

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