Bob Layton: Movie outrage

I don’t know if there’s better publicity for a movie than having protesters demanding it be banned. The movie Unplanned is under attack.

It’s the story of an actual woman, Abbey Johnson, who was hired to work at Planned Parenthood. She says she became an anti-abortion advocate because of what she says she saw.

Protesters don’t want you to see it.

They say it’s not just anti-abortion, it’s hate propaganda.


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There is another movie out there with the story of another real-life woman who had a change of heart when it came to abortions.

The late Norma McCorvey went to court and her name was used to get the right to abortion, for others. Her baby was born while the case was still being argued.

She then went to work in an abortion clinic, something she had no experience in.

I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but McCorvey, too, became, an anti-abortion advocate.

She would go to her grave saying her case, that legalized abortion on demand, was the biggest mistake of her life.

You may not recognize her name, Norma McCorvey, but you may know her court name: Jane Roe.

Yes, of Roe v. Wade.

As for the movie, Unplanned, I am pro-choice about whether to see it.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations.

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