Bob Layton: The coming Alberta election

They say if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck — you know how that goes.

How about if we change the word “duck” to “election”? Yes, election.

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The big promises being made by the Alberta government are being billed as everyday government business. The government has promised everything from more jobs to more industries to more affordable housing to more help for students and support for young diabetics, to solar energy for people in the outback.

But then when you add to the piled plate of promises a side order of critical Kenney kale, it starts to smell and look a little different.

People across cyberspace can see it, with calls to drop the writ.

Jason Kenney can see it — he is on radio and TV telling us to be strong and free.

And look at the names leaving the unofficial NDP race before the official starting pistol is fired.

If they can see into the future, maybe they can tell us what is going to happen in Ottawa.

Will Jody Wilson-Raybould blow the Liberal lid off?

Will the prime minister be able to sidestep the allegations and the pipelines?

After the Alberta election this spring, we’ll watch the ducks get in a row on the Rideau Canal.

Let me know what you hope will happen.

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