Host trains cat to launch rocket in 2nd season of Edmonton-based web series ‘How to Learn Anything’

After Stephen Robinson successfully solved a Rubik’s Cube while skydiving in the first season of his web series How to Learn Anything, the pressure was on for Season 2.

“The biggest fear with it is always coming up with ideas that are going to be just as interesting, if not more interesting, than before,” the host and co-creator of the show said.

“And also ideas that are challenging enough that I struggle throughout the process but also have a chance of actually succeeding in it. A good example of that is trying to train a cat to launch a rocket when I say the word ‘engage.’

“The original idea was, ‘Let’s see if we could train a dog to do that,’ but that’s too easy because everyone knows that dogs can be trained. The big question mark in this episode is: can you even train a cat?”

The concept behind the show is combining two completely unrelated things to do something that no one has ever seen before. And Robinson tests his mettle and learns a tonne of new skills along the way.

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“I went out into the wild for five days — with a knife, rainproof clothes, a metal water bottle and clown makeup — and dressed up as a clown while I survived in the wild for five days,” he said of Season 2.

“I learned how to make delicious pasta and then I made a video game about making delicious pasta. I don’t know how to program so that was incredibly difficult.

“Another really difficult episode was trying to learn how to slackline across a massive cavern while doing yo-yo tricks.”

Robinson, 25, said the video game challenge was the toughest one mentally, the clown in the wild one was the hardest physically and the high-wire yo-yo episode was the most frightening.

“As soon as you go 50 feet in the air and you’re attached to this line, it becomes very scary and way more difficult to stand up on the line.”

This season has even more heart-pounding stunts the team hopes will entertain, inspire and grow its audience.

After Season 1 was posted online, How to Learn Anything‘s audience grew from 8,000 subscribers to 38,000. Then, Telus offered to fund another season.

“So we took the idea of How to Learn Anything and we just exploded it into this incredible show with crazy stunts and really cool science,” Robinson said.

His goal is to eventually reach 100,000 subscribers.

Season 2 will launch with a special premiere screening 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 19 at Metro Cinema in Edmonton. Then, the six episodes will be posted online weekly, likely starting on Nov. 28.

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