Meet Lola: The cat who came back to her family four months later

A family has been made whole again and they say it’s all because their cat came back.

Dorinda MacIsaac has owned cat Lola for three years and says she is an important part of the family.

So when Lola disappeared from her family home in Enfield, N.S., MacIsaac took action.

She posted pictures of Lola on Facebook and asked her community to look out for Lola.

“We actually have a neighbourhood group for this area of the subdivision and we put it out there,” MacIsaac said.

“People were watching for her. We got a couple of leads and people said they thought they saw her yesterday type of thing and that was early on but then the trail kind of went dry.”

The family began to lose hope, assuming that something had happened to their feline companion or that she had been taken in by a new family.

“If somebody had taken her in, I don t think they would have let her go because she is such a great little cat,” said MacIsaac.

But with temperatures dropping and still no sign of Lola, MacIsaac decided she was going to have to accept the fact that Lola may never come home.

But on Halloween, it was just trick-or-treaters at the door.

“We were in the kitchen chit-chatting, myself and my son’s girlfriend, all of the sudden, this big old meow at the back door,” MacIsaac said.

Lola quickly made herself at home and did what cats do — went straight to her food dish.

She seems to be in good spirits but over the three months away from her family, she has lost some weight.

Lola is microchipped but that is only beneficial if Lola was found and brought to a vet.

“I really recommend the microchipping — maybe if she ever decided to go off again, it might be the answer for getting her back home again,” said MacIsaac.

“I don’t think she’s going far though.”

With reporting from Whitney Middleton-Oickle

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