Opinion | Agency Heads Who Oppose Their Agency’s Missions

To the Editor:

Re “Trump to Nominate David Malpass to Lead the World Bank” (nytimes.com, Feb. 4):

The nomination of David Malpass to lead the World Bank, an institution whose very existence President Trump has repeatedly questioned, is another critical task he has handed to men and women whose stated views and history are inimical to those institutions’ missions.

Whether it was the now departed Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency (and his soon-to-be successor, Andrew Wheeler), or Betsy DeVos at the Education Department, Mr. Trump’s appointees, under the banner of “deregulation,” lean away from their agencies’ tasks.

How long will it be before President Trump names El Chapo to head the Drug Enforcement Administration?

Steven Horwitz
Moraga, Calif.

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