Opinion | California Wildfires and Climate Change

To the Editor:

Re “Amid Accounts of Close Calls, Fires’ Toll Rises” (front page, Nov. 13):

Alongside the poignant scenes of devastated California homeowners picking through the remains of their burned-out homes, we are reminded by Gov. Jerry Brown that, in many ways, our response to global warming is a deeply moral issue.

He contends that those who deny that it is climate change that makes wildfires more frequent and intense are contributing to the tragedies of lost lives and burned-out communities. Among those, of course, is our president, who has expressed doubts about global warming. Little wonder he ignorantly blames forest management for this tragedy.

Every day that we deny or ignore the fact that climate change is real and caused by burning coal, oil and gas, and continue to do nothing about it, condemns our children and future generations to the horrors of a climate out of control.

Bob Taylor
Newport Beach, Calif.

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