Opinion | It’s Biden! No, It’s Trump! Here Are Your Predictions

We asked readers for their prophecies, not their wishes. Below is a selection from the more than 500 responses.

To the Editor:

Joe Biden will win so handily that Republicans can’t stand by President Trump’s attempts to resist reality. Mr. Trump will baselessly claim “foul!” as he slinks off to Mar-a-Lago, his imagined White House in exile. He will never attend an event with other former presidents. He will not attend Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

He will get a prime-time Fox show. He will harass President Biden, Democrats and an ever-expanding list of Republican “traitors” via Twitter. He will continue to enjoy why he got into politics in the first place: the spotlight, the endless attention, the warfare, the ability to influence politics without any of the responsibility or restrictions of the presidency.

It’s in very close Senate races where we will see postelection legal challenges, when the Republicans see their majority slipping away. They will hold on by a thread, however, and obstruct everything President Biden proposes.

Vincent Basehart
Los Angeles

To the Editor:

Joe Biden eventually wins a landslide in the popular vote but on election night the vote looks close enough for President Trump to claim that he won. The Electoral College is close and is manipulated by Republican governors and legislators to swing a “win” for Mr. Trump. Legal challenges ensue, and the Supreme Court gives the presidency to Mr. Trump. The Senate barely keeps a Republican majority. There is violence in the streets, and the country is further ripped apart in despair and factionalism. Democracy as we know it no longer exists.

I hope I am completely and utterly wrong.

Brad Snyder
West Hartford, Conn.

To the Editor:

Along with record mail-in voting, there will be record in-person voting on Election Day, and Joe Biden will be shown to be a clear winner that day. As the mail-in votes are counted, Mr. Biden’s lead widens (and the Senate turns blue, too), but President Trump contests the result, claiming voter fraud.

Mr. Biden declares victory about 14 days after the election, but Mr. Trump uses the Justice Department to press the case to the Supreme Court, which refuses to hear it. Finally, without conceding defeat, Mr. Trump resigns and Mike Pence becomes president, with the understanding that he will pardon Mr. Trump for any federal crimes.

Anne Marie Stamford

To the Editor:

The president will be re-elected by a large enough margin for the results to be known on the evening of the election or early the next morning. He will lose the popular vote but will win in the Electoral College by a substantial margin.

The Democratic fringe will go nuts, and there will be demonstrations and chaos around the country, mostly in the larger metropolitan areas. The Democrats will take this election to court and try to overturn the results. The mainstream media will be in shock and go into mourning, unable to understand why the American people voted this way.

The House will remain Democratic and the Senate will remain Republican, both by the slimmest of margins.

Harry D. Reynolds
Mesa, Ariz.

To the Editor:

Please, New York Times, do not print people’s predictions of the election outcome. This isn’t sport.

We need people to vote and to do so on the basis of the best information available, which lay prognostication is not. We also don’t need still more attention on possible challenges and chaos and the involvement of the courts. Imagine where we’d be if, after President Trump’s raising doubts about a smooth transfer of power should he lose, it was left at that. By now he must feel an obligation to protest.

Susan Sugarman
Princeton, N.J.

To the Editor:

My prediction is that it will be a Democratic sweep similar to the Republican one in the 1980 election. Like Ronald Reagan’s smashing victory over a failed incumbent, Joe Biden will win 55 percent to 58 percent of the popular vote and around 400 electoral votes, including Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. As important, Democrats will gain five to eight seats in the Senate (maybe even Doug Jones in Alabama, although a long shot) and eight to 10 new seats in the House.

This will be a personal rejection of Donald Trump and Trumpism and will set the G.O.P. behind for several years. Let us hope that the Republicans will learn from this disaster. I hope that the Trump brand of political demagogy will not again infect the American political system. I say this as a lifelong Republican who has left the party because of Mr. Trump.

Jim Minix
Bradenton, Fla.

To the Editor:

Although Joe Biden will win the popular vote, the Electoral College will be a 269-269 tie, and the selection of the new president will be in the hands of Congress, as last happened in the 1824 election. The Constitution provides for the House to pick the president if there is no clear winner, with each state delegation getting one vote, and the Senate to pick the vice president, with each senator getting one vote.

The House will have a majority of Republican state delegations and so will re-elect President Trump. The Senate, with a new Democratic majority of 51 or 52 seats, will elect one of its own, Kamala Harris, as vice president. The United States will have a president and vice president of two different parties for the first time since the mid-19th century.

Richard Grayson
Philipsburg, St. Maarten

To the Editor:

I predict that Joe Biden will win in a landslide. There won’t be enough close states to contest. Even if President Trump protests, it will not matter. He will spend his last days granting pardons and rolling back as many government restrictions as possible. He will attempt to pardon himself. It is possible that he will agree to go quietly if Mr. Biden agrees to pardon him.

Marita Casartelli Downes

To the Editor:

After a few days of tallying mail-in votes, Donald Trump will win the Electoral College again, by a narrow margin, but the popular vote will go for Joe Biden by an even wider margin than for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Energized Democrats in reliably blue states will turn out in force.

Various attempts at voter suppression — from gerrymandering and voter ID laws to rejected mail-in ballots and too few voting stations — will help the Republicans. The House will remain solidly blue, the Senate will see flips (Mark Kelly wins Arizona, while Doug Jones loses Alabama) but will remain a red Senate.

This is not what I wish would happen, but it’s what I’m planning for.

Anne Nelson
New Orleans

To the Editor:

Joe Biden will win in a landslide. Democrats will eke out a small majority in the Senate and retain the House. President Trump and his cronies will whine and file lawsuits, which will be met by mostly peaceful protests. The courts will eventually rule Mr. Biden the winner.

Mr. Trump will continue to cry fraud right up to Inauguration Day, but most of his cronies will eventually concede. Mr. Trump will refuse to attend the inauguration, of course, and will be arrested on charges of collusion, tax fraud and more on Jan. 20 while attempting to flee the country.

This is both what I think will happen and my fantasy, depending on what day it is.

Cherie Schierl
Flagstaff, Ariz.

To the Editor:

After Joe Biden wins decisively, President Trump’s people will immediately begin to sabotage the transition. They will try to disable parts of the government they believe have been working against them. Records and data will be altered, stolen or destroyed. Attempts will be made to cash in, including by making corrupt deals for pardons.

Mr. Trump will pardon himself, his family and anyone he thinks will help him later. It will be two and a half months of utter chaos. At the end, a whimpering Mr. Trump will leave peacefully, knowing that the military will uphold the Constitution if he tries to stay on.

Frederic Cohen
Henderson, Nev.

To the Editor:

President Trump wins. Not the popular vote. The Electoral College will again break for Mr. Trump. Democrats will concede. Too many of the American people are not sufficiently informed to resist Donald Trump, the con artist and entertainer in chief who amuses them with his boorish antics.

As he did in 2016, Mr. Trump will benefit from the help of foreign actors sowing disinformation. We are a nation of people with our eyes wide shut who fail to realize that with this vote the great American experiment is at an end.

Mark F. Adams
Nancy Kendall
San Diego

To the Editor:

My prediction is that a clear-cut victory for Joe Biden will be known by late evening on Election Day. The total tally may be a few days away, but on Nov. 3 Mr. Biden will have won enough key states (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin and even Florida) that it would be foolish and futile for President Trump to consider a challenge. I furthermore predict that Mr. Trump, his suggestion to the contrary, will eventually grudgingly offer his concession to Joe Biden.

I furthermore predict that Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and even Mitch McConnell will lose their bids for re-election, and that the Democrats will have a Senate majority on Jan. 3.

There will probably be some outbursts of violence from some of Mr. Trump’s more fanatical supporters, but without him their movement will limp away.

Joel Schatzberg
Lynbrook, N.Y.

To the Editor:

On election night the exit polls and the completed count in many states indicate that Joe Biden will win the popular vote by a substantial margin and the Electoral College by a lesser edge. Many states will announce that the winner cannot be declared pending the completion of the ongoing count of mail-in ballots.

President Trump will claim that the “radical left” is stealing the election by fraudulent means. He will call upon “patriots” to protect the nation, and armed militias will take to the streets, surround election sites and attempt to confiscate ballots.

In some cities the police will act to disarm and disperse the mobs; in other cities the police will take no action. Mr. Trump will challenge the vote count in the courts and, ultimately, a fiercely divided Supreme Court will deliver the presidency to Mr. Biden. The military will restore order in the troubled cities and ensure that Mr. Trump leaves office at the end of his term.

Gerald Harris
New York

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