Opinion | Republican Opposition to Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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To the Editor:

Re “Biden’s Orders Deepen Conflicts Over Vaccines; G.O.P. Vows Legal Fight” (front page, Sept. 11):

Sitting silently in her Manhattan apartment, my sister and I watched the twin towers turn to dust. Like all Americans, I would give anything to be able to fly backward around the world like Superman, to rewind time, to tell the pilots not to take off, the passengers not to board and the commuters to stay home.

Twenty years later, about the same number of Americans die of Covid-19 every 48 hours as were taken on Sept. 11. Like the attack, Covid-19 kills indiscriminately, irrespective of party or ideology. Unlike the attack, however, we still have the power to affect the outcome.

I beg my fellow Americans to summon again the fellow feeling that coursed through the body politic in the months after Sept. 11. Heed President Biden’s call to get vaccinated. Do it out of a duty to strengthen the nation and love thy neighbor.

No, Sept. 11 cannot be undone. But when it comes to the pandemic, we may yet fly backward, change the ending — and save lives. When to do so is possible, not to do so is unconscionable.

David D. Turner
Clifton, N.J.

To the Editor:

It’s disgraceful that after about 660,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, and when being unvaccinated makes people 11 times more likely to die from the virus, we still have governors behaving as if they are anti-mandates just to oppose President Biden.

Instead of acting to protect people in their states and encourage vaccination, they are actively fueling a deadly pandemic and harming their constituents. They are clogging their own states’ emergency rooms and morgues, while sending unvaccinated, unmasked kids to school, to score political points against President Biden, who is acting in the interest of public health, trying to boost the U.S. vaccination rate to save lives and help us all return to a normal life.

Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, Henry McMaster, Kristi Noem and Greg Abbott say they are acting in the name of personal freedom, but no one should be free to infect others during a public health crisis. We’ve had vaccine mandates for years, and these Republican governors haven’t had a problem with any of the others.

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