Opinion | Victims of the Shutdown

To the Editor:

Re “Plan to Summon Workers Back Without Pay as the Deadlock Drags On” (news article, Jan. 16):

Why are people surprised when President Trump expects federal government employees and contractors to work, but stiffs ’em when it’s time to pay? That’s his business model.

Jay Lynch
Upper St. Clair, Pa.

To the Editor:

As a former federal employee, I have experienced furloughs and shutdowns. If President Trump believes that federal employees support shutting down the government and not receiving paychecks, he is delusional.

Douglas R. Leander
Tacoma, Wash.

To the Editor:

Re “It’ll Be Worth It, Trump Tells Farmers as His Policies Cause Them Pain” (news article, Jan. 15):

Now that American farmers find themselves unable to obtain the Agriculture Department loans Congress has funded to enable them to contract for the equipment, seeds and fertilizers they will shortly need for spring planting, perhaps this government shutdown will remind Americans how much their government does for them. Maybe next election government will no longer be the enemy.

Peter Flemming
West Caldwell, N.J.

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