Pork pursuit: Police apprehend runaway pig after 45-minute chase

How many cops does it take to catch a pig?

Police officers in Stamford, Conn., were tasked with chasing down a rogue hog last week, in a breathless pursuit captured by the officers’ body cameras.

The entire spectacle involves three cops, a garbage can and another unidentified person who somehow wound up in the bizarre police chase.

The officer wearing the body cam can be seen chasing the pig around while holding on to a red dog leash.

The small-but-mighty animal expertly dodges and fakes out the officers during the 45-minute pursuit, which eventually ends after another officer traps it under a garbage bin — but not before a failed attempt with the pig running between one officer’s legs.

The Stamford Police Department shared the hilarious footage on its official Facebook page, writing: “This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home … This little piggy ran away from the police.”

Police were responding to reports of a lone pig wandering through a residential neighbourhood, which led to the incredible chase.

“Oh yes, we are well aware of the plethora of jokes this incident brings to mind,” they wrote in the Facebook post, likely alluding to “pigs,” a slang name for police officers.

The pig, the post says, is “resting comfortably” at Stamford Animal Control, where it’s waiting to be claimed by owners who are likely missing its antics.

During the stressful coronavirus pandemic time, the internet was seemingly grateful for a bit of comedic relief.

The video has been shared more than 690 times, boasts more than 220 comments and has more than 77,000 views so far.

“Guys, you made my day,” one person commented. “Finally something that could make you guys laugh, as well.”

Another remarked: “Stamford PD at its finest,” while one commented: “Maybe he wanted a donut.”

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