Scott Thompson: We boo Premier Doug Ford but cheer Kevin Durant’s season-ending injury?

Many have commented on the public booing Ontario Premier Doug Ford has received at a few events around the GTA.

The most recent being the Toronto Raptors victory parade and rally at Nathan Phillips Square.

This, plus the publication of polls that show the premier’s popularity has taken a hit since he was elected a year ago, has painted a picture of a leader who, if the election was held today, would not be in power.

However, the same polls say the Liberals, who at this point have neither a full-time leader nor official party status, would fare better than the Conservatives in an election, forgetting what got us here — which was Kathleen Wynne capping off 15 years of Liberal rule.

Many experts have said smart political parties do the tough work early in their tenure and take credit when things are more relaxed around election time.

It appears the same is happening here. The Liberals promise spending and the Conservatives promise to bring us back to fiscal responsibility, until the next election.

Ford has been under scrutiny since the day he took office, facing a non-stop barrage of criticism from the opposition for curbing out-of-control spending, as he should.  But is that enough for Ontarians to forget Wynne’s electricity schemes and her party’s fiscal mismanagement while they tried to fend off the NDP?

To think the reaction to Ford’s tough decisions as premier can be captured by a crowd at a sporting event can be misguided.

After 15 years of Liberals rule, shouldn’t we wait until the next election campaign to evaluate whether the plan has worked or not?

Otherwise, what’s the alternative? Returning the Liberals to power?

Let’s not forget that it may have been Toronto Raptors fans that booed the premier, but the same fans cheered when Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant snapped his Achilles tendon, killing his team’s playoff hopes.

And how did that make us feel?

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.​​​​

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