25-year-old S'porean woman who is unlinked to other patients among 4 Covid-19 community cases

SINGAPORE – A 25-year-old Singaporean woman whose case is unlinked was one of the four Covid-19 community cases confirmed on Friday (Aug 28).

She had onset of symptoms on Aug 22, and was confirmed to have the coronavirus on Thursday.

The Health Ministry (MOH) said she was detected under its enhanced regime to test all people aged 13 and above who are diagnosed with acute respiratory infection when they first see a doctor.

The other three community cases had been placed on quarantine earlier, and one of them was asymptomatic, said MOH.

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has remained stable at an average of two cases per day in the past two weeks. The number of unlinked cases in the community has likewise remained stable at an average of one case per day in the past two weeks.

There were 94 new coronavirus cases confirmed as of Friday noon (Aug 28), taking Singapore’s total to 56,666.

There were also 10 imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notices or isolated upon arrival in Singapore.

Among the remaining 80 cases residing in dormitories, 58 are from Sungei Tengah Lodge and they had been quarantined earlier.

MOH said the vast majority of them were tested during quarantine to determine their status, or were picked up through rostered routine testing.

A coronavirus cluster at Sungei Tengah Lodge was announced on Aug 22. After the cluster was detected, MOH placed about 4,500 workers on quarantine, and has tested about 3,000 of them so far.

The ministry added that it expects the number of cases from the dormitory to continue to be high in the coming days until testing of the remaining quarantined workers is completed.

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