81-year-old woman in Jurong West helps save HDB neighbours from fire

SINGAPORE – An 81-year-old woman came to her neighbours’ rescue and helped them put out a fire in their Housing Board flat on Aug 9, even though she was scared of the raging flames.

For her bravery, Madam Lim Ee Chin received the Community First Responder Award on Aug 27, the SCDF said in a Facebook post on Thursday (Sept 10).

The award is presented to members of the public who have stepped forward to render assistance to others in distress or to save property or both.

“Despite her age, she did not hesitate to help put out the fire. Her selfless act has assisted to mitigate the damages and injuries caused by the fire,” said SCDF.

The fire Madam Lim helped extinguished had broken out at a corner residential unit of Block 917 Jurong West Street 91 at 11.20pm on Aug 9.

The fire involved contents of the living room, said the SCDF.

In a video accompanying the Facebook post, Madam Lim talked about how she passed two of her neighbours buckets of water from her flat to put out the fire, until the flames were under control.

All of this took place before SCDF personnel arrived on the scene.

In the aftermath of the fire, three people were taken to the Singapore General Hospital.

SCDF commended Madam Lim for her selflessness, noting that many might have instinctively ran away instead of rendering assistance like she did.

“Madam Lim’s action exemplified bravery and in her own words, the kampung spirit”, SCDF added.

Madam Lim said in the video that she was happy to receive the award and even showed it to her neighbours who teased her for “showing off”.

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