Bye, sweater weather: Less rain expected in last 2 weeks of September

SINGAPORE – The rainy days and chilly nights of recent days are coming to an end.

For the second half of this month, there will be less rain with a few warm days, compared to the first half of September, said the weatherman on Wednesday (Sept 16).

The daily temperature is expected to range between 25 deg C and 33 deg C on most days and may reach a high of around 34 deg C on a few days, according to the meteorological service.

Some nights may also be relatively warm, with temperatures hovering around 28 deg C, especially when the prevailing south-east winds blow warm and humid air from the sea towards land.

As the monsoon rain band is forecast to remain over the equatorial South-east Asia region, short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected over parts of the island between the late morning and afternoon on most days.

These showers may extend into the evening on one or two days.

The passage of the Sumatra squalls – an organised line of thunderstorms that originates over Sumatra island or the Strait of Malacca – may bring widespread thundery showers with occasional gusty winds in the morning on a few days.

The weatherman said that while rainfall in the coming fortnight is expected to be lower than that in the first two weeks of the month, the overall rainfall for September is expected to be higher than average over most parts of the island.

Thundery showers fell between the late morning and afternoon on most days over the past fortnight, and extended into the evening on a few days.

The showers were heaviest last Thursday morning. The daily total rainfall recorded that day was 129.6mm at Tuas South, which is also the highest rainfall reading recorded over the past two weeks.

The cooler conditions also meant the mercury dropped to 21.8 deg C in Paya Lebar on Tuesday, the lowest daily minimum temperature so far this month.

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