EMA issues first request for proposal to appoint importers of low-carbon electricity

SINGAPORE – The first request for proposal to appoint electricity importers to bring in and sell around 1.2GW of  low-carbon electricity was issued by the Energy Market Authority on Friday (Nov 12).

The second request for proposal for the remaining 2.8GW is expected to be issued in the second quarter of 2022.

The two requests for proposal will account for the import of up to a total of 4GW of low-carbon electricity to Singapore by 2035. This is expected to make up around 30 per cent of Singapore’s electricity demand then.

“These electricity imports will play an important role in allowing Singapore to tap on low-carbon energy sources beyond our shores, diversify our energy sources to improve energy security, while facilitating the development of low-carbon energy projects in the region and supporting regional decarbonisation efforts,” said EMA in its statement.

Interested parties must submit their proposals to EMA by 3pm on April 1 next year.

Proposals should include the proposed generation and interconnector design, as well as the source of supply.

Potential importers will have to demonstrate their supply reliability, credibility, track record, cost-competitiveness and ability to supply and manage the carbon output of their generation supply.

Proposals with electricity supplied using coal-fired generation technologies will not be accepted.

More details on the requests for proposal are available at this website.

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